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Banners regulation

Guidance on requesting authorisation for the installation of banners and/or fan displays at home matches of SSC Napoli

SSC Napoli S.p.A. has introduced a procedure enabling fans to request authorisation in order to access and install banners and/or fan displays at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona at home matches.

Authorisation procedure

1- In order to make a request, please fill out this form, specifying:

a) your personal details
b) the size of the banner and the materials it is made from
c) the content and graphic design of the banner, accompanied by photographic evidence (in colour, high resolution)
d) the sector in which it will be on display
e) fire safety certification (fire rating in accordance with the relevant legislation)
f) a copy of your ID document

2 - Please be informed that SSC Napoli will assess requests received in chronological order until all available space has been allocated. Banners cannot exceed the following dimensions: 1.10 metres in height and 5 metres in width. Banners must be attached to the cement structure located below the railings.

3 - Provided request forms have been correctly completed and are accompanied by all necessary documentation, they will then be submitted to the Operational Security Group (GOS) for approval in a meeting that will be held for this purpose, indicatively three days before the game.

Approval will be granted where:

Approval may be granted for the whole season and may also be revoked at any time, without prejudice to the rights of the club that has granted authorisation.

It should be noted that each individual may only submit one application.

4 - Where a request is approved by the GOS, this outcome will be confirmed to the applicant by SSC Napoli using the same email address used to make the request.

5 - Authorised applicants must arrive at the stadium, on the day of the match, 30 minutes before the gates open to the match-going fans.They must have a match ticket and must also bring the proof of authorisation provided by SSC Napoli. Please be aware that only the individual that made the request will be able to bring a banner into the stadium, unless a proxy or replacement has been nominated.

6 - Once all entrance checks have been completed, the authorised applicant will be accompanied by stewards to their allocated position so that they can install the banner. Club staff will then check that the banner complies with the approval request. Displaying any materials other than those that have been approved will result in them being immediately removed and the transgressor/s being ejected from the stadium. The transgressor/s could have their authorisation to display banners removed by their club and could also be subject to a ban on accessing sports venues.

7 - All banners and/or fan displays must be removed at the end of the game.

8 - Please be informed that these regulations must also be applied for large flags. Only flags ("rectangular banners, attached to a pole at one of the short ends if permitted by the relevant legislation") that bear the symbols and colours of the football club may be brought into the stadium. The flags must not obstruct or limit other spectators' view of the match or prevent them from moving freely. They must be held with a light plastic tube. They must be waved and not displayed. The use of telescopic poles is expressly prohibited.

9 - Please be reminded that a request must be made to the GOS using the same procedure specified above in order to bring in drums (which must be hollow inside and one-beat only) and any other musical instruments.

10 - Finally, please be aware that no banners of any kind will be permitted in any sector for UEFA matches.