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Stadium access guidance for 100% disabled persons

In order to guarantee accessibility for 100 disabled persons at home games at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, SSC Napoli has created a booking procedure for places.

The procedure involves two different stages. The first will enable users to request two unique booking code, which can be used to access the second stage, which enables users and helpers to purchase tickets.

In the first stage, fans can use the online form on the website to request their unique booking code. In doing this, they will need to attach copies of documents proving that they meet the requirements (100% disability certificate, ID document).

This documentation must be attached in pdf format and must be shown at the entrance to the stadium.

Once the request has been made, the unique booking code will be sent out via email. If the correct documentation is not sent, the code will not be activated.

Documentation verification times may vary and cannot be set in advance, so fans are requested to request booking codes as early as possible.

Code can be requested at any time during the season, but only that code received within the five days leading up to the event in question will be considered valid when it comes to purchasing tickets.

Once issued, code is personal and cannot be transferred to anybody else. Code will only be valid for that particular season, enabling fans to access the purchasing process for home games, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service.

In order to purchase tickets (while availability lasts), fans simply need to enter their codes on the TicketOne platform together with the personal details of the disabled individual and their helper, who must be an adult. Tickets for disabled individuals are priced at €4, while the helper ticket is priced at €1. TicketOne transaction fees are added on top of this.

At the stadium entrance, fans will need to show a copy of the ticket they will have received via email, in A4 paper format, their 100% disability certificate and the ID documents of both the disabled individual and their helper. The helper’s ticket cannot be altered or placed in another name. All tickets issued are personal and cannot be transferred. Staff at the entrance will check that all details and documentation are correct.

SSC Napoli would like to remind all fans that they must register on the website and log in using a username and password in order to obtain a booking code.

PLEASE NOTE: Standard tickets alone are not sufficient for individuals in wheelchairs to gain access to the stadium. Therefore, simply purchasing a standard ticket will not gain them access to the stadium.