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Proud to be Napoli

SSC Napoli is proud to present its new identity with a launch video describing the feeling of pride linked to ‘being Napoli’.

The club logo has been revamped with the traditional Napoleonic N now more minimalist and contemporary in design. Shorn of extra elements, it looks cleaner and more stylish in a monochrome variant.

The biggest change is the typography. For the first time, the club has its own font – BE NAPOLI – the perfect synthesis of the intrinsic qualities of the brand and the city it represents.

As a constantly bubbling melting pot, Naples is a city of many facets where contrasts blend together, giving rise to an unparallelled eclecticism.

We tapped into that heritage to create a unique, dynamic font inspired by Naples’ cultural richness.

A city, a team and a typography all bonding together.

That bond is represented by letters with convergence points and diagonal lines like views of the city, characters that are solid and compact like a united, determined team, and acute, dynamic angles that symbolise grit and speed. The genetics of a people who live for passion, history and chapters yet to be written.

It is the city and Neapolitan pride that are the inspiration for the launch video. The video celebrates the wonders of Naples, embodies the Neapolitan spirit and highlights the intrinsic qualities of Neapolitan culture.

The video takes us through old and new neighbourhoods, the Spanish quarters, the Sanita district, Spaccanapoli and the Centro Direzionale. We take in the most iconic locations of the city, but also some of its lesser known but no less beautiful treasures, such as the Ipogeo dei Cristallini, an ancient example of Greek art, and the Doll Hospital, a magical place where old dolls are ‘admitted’ to be given a new lease of life. The storytelling plays on visual and conceptual contrasts and is inclusive, aiming to pay homage to the intellectual and cultural diversity in Naples, a city that is innovative but also deeply rooted in the past, where there is a thin line between superstition and faith and the heart is eternally vying with reason. This is Naples. A theatre. Naples is a natural stage where anything can happen. Naples is a crossover of styles and cultures which the club aims to embody.

In this backdrop appears the new home kit, unveiled at the iconic Pausilypon Archeological Site and inside the Seiano Grotto*.

The long Posillipo hill is a natural barrier dividing the plain of Naples and the plain of Bagnoli. To the far west is the Pausilypon Archeological Site in a particularly fetching position given the surrounding landscape and far-reaching views over the Gulf of Naples.

Amidst the rocks, ancient theatres, temples and age-old caves sits the new home jersey in beautiful Napoli blue.

The SSC Napoli home jersey for the 2024/25 season features a stylish design and attention to detail, emphasising the simple, elegant lines with retro details, including a V neck with woven rib stitching. The shirt is the fruit of a collaboration with EA7, who have been confirmed as the club’s Global Technical Partner for the fourth year running.

One of the main innovations is the SSC Napoli logo patch, which has been reshaped with a 3D effect. This not only adds a visual dimension to the jersey, but highlights the club’s attention to the latest design trends and quality details. The new SSC Napoli lettering features modern, dynamic characters, creating a more alluring, contemporary feel.

The jersey in sport performance polyester features a new all-over hot press pattern of the iconic ‘N’.

The contrasting details in textured stretch material highlight the ergonomic cut, while the round sleeves are enhanced by a double layer of contrasting rib stitching.

To make the product unique and authentic, the jersey features a special Scudetto hologram print at the bottom.

The home jersey will go on sale at the official online store at 19:26 today.

“We’re living through the Neapolitan Renaissance,” explained Tommaso Bianchini, Napoli’s Chief Revenue Officer, in reference to the launch of the club’s new identity. “As a part of Napoli, we are an integral part of that, which is where our desire to innovate our brand identity stems from, while maintaining our respect for and connection with the past intact. On the one hand, we have a new proprietary font and on the other, a new and more contemporary version of our logo, in which we have kept the essential elements of our identity while taking a glance into the future.

Respect for our history and a desire to innovate, combined with our sense of responsibility linked to representing Naples all over the world underpin our ‘Proud to be Napoli’ campaign claim. This is a journey of togetherness and it tells the story of our city by bringing together its various harmonious elements, which we started last season and is now continuing thanks to the discovery of ironic and secret places that are to be shared worldwide, in line with the goal portrayed in our manifesto video that we are launching today.

The ultimate symbol of our story is, of course, our home jersey, which incorporates the new identifying elements and with its elegant design, it stands as a distinctive element of a city that is increasingly at the forefront of the world.

The 2024/25 season is therefore kicking off with the unveiling of our new identity, while our new season ticket campaign is set to launch on 9 July for supporters to continue experiencing the unrivalled passion for our city and our team.”

“Once again this year MSC Cruises will be the proud Main Sponsor of SSC Napoli, a club that represents a community and with which we share a special, unbreakable bond,” said Leonardo Massa, Vice President Southern Europe of MSC Group's Cruise Division. “The blue of the jersey recalls the colour of the sea, an integral element in a city that is constantly flowing, where the sense of belonging and passion spill into every corner and every street and onto the pitch.

“We are 'Proud to be Napoli' because we share the values and goals of a club that, like us, seeks excellence in every competition through the collaboration and self-sacrifice of every member of the team.

“We will continue sailing forward with SSC Napoli firm in the belief that we can achieve more success both on and off the field thanks to the hard work and passion we have always displayed.”

*Thanks to the Ministry of Culture and the department for historical buildings, fine arts and the environment for the Municipality of Naples.