Naples, 10 July 2023

SSC Napoli, in collaboration with EA7, are unveiling their new Home and Away kits for the 2023/24 season. It marks the beginning of a new era for Napoli and the foundations on which it is based are the club’s strong bond with the city of Naples and the presence of Napoli fans across the world. This was wonderfully represented by the spontaneous parties which saw the streets of important international cities painted and draped in blue on the occasion of the club’s third Serie A title.

The club acts as a bridge between the passion for the team, nurtured in the city of Naples, and the millions of fans of all ages scattered across all continents, who pass the love of the club between generations.

In order to manifest their identity the club are unveiling their new shirt collection through a video shot in both Naples and Malibu, passing through Capri. In the footage a surfer proudly wears the blue jersey of the Italian champions and starting from Naples then crosses Capri’s iconic Faraglioni to connect with our fans from all over the world. The supporters are represented by a Californian surfer who, clothed in the new Away jersey, visits Malibu beach’s emblematic pier on their search for new horizons.

The Home Jersey features a styling with raglan sleeves on technical stretch fabric, white contrasting piping, and crossed V-neck with tricolour print on the bottom line of the sleeve. There is a new all-over "N" motif using a hot stamping technique on breathable technical material with Dry Touch technology. There is also a classic Napoli logo, in silicone, and a personalised tricolour badge.

The Away Jersey features a digital and stylised print of Vesuvius in Naples, a symbol of the city's identity, a new raglan sleeve styling on stretch technical fabric with blue contrasting piping, crossed V-neck and a blue sleeve bottom-line. There is a new all-over "N" motif using a hot stamping technique on breathable technical material with Dry Touch technology. There is also a classic Napoli logo, in silicone, and a personalised tricolour badge.

The 2023/24 collection has been designed by Valentina De Laurentiis for the third consecutive season in collaboration with EA7. The club's self-production project is increasingly seen as a point of reference in the sports fashion sector and promises continuous innovations and development throughout the season.

Giorgio Armani, Chairman and CEO of the Armani Group,comments:

"I favour long-term relationships: they’re born from common values and are based on integrity. This integrity also serves as the cornerstone of teamwork, and for this reason I’m delighted to once again be collaborating with Napoli, a team that have shown great cohesion and character."

Aurelio De Laurentiis, Presidentof SSC Napoli, comments:

“I also like long-lasting relationships and I believe that integrity, cohesion and character are not only a fundamental part of teamwork, but also of our lives in general. That’s why I’m delighted that our collaboration with Giorgio Armani is continuing. This partnership has translated into great success with the Scudetto victory and I hope that we can keep on working together for years to come.”

Valentina De Laurentiis, Style Designer of SSC Napoli, comments:

"It’s been a privilege for me to be able to work with the Armani group over the last two years, especially because our jerseys will now be immortalised. The most salient feature of the first shirt is the club’s badge, collar and tricolour sleeve bottom, which underscore our historic victory. The dominant colour is and always will be blue. The second shirt honours our city, with the badge rising from Vesuvius to symbolise the dawning of a new era."

The new era isn’t just confined to sporting matters – the club have forged partnerships with two sponsors. SSC Napoli are delighted to unveil their new front shirt sponsor and Main Global Partner: MSC.

The link between MSC and SSC Napoli was born in 2011 and today reaches its peak through the merger of the two brands’ strategies into a single great marketing campaign. "From Napoli to the World" is the perfect expression of the two brands’ objectives, which have Napoli as their main point of reference and for years have reached the ports and hearts of millions of people around the world.

The MSC logo will feature on all matchdays jerseys in Italy and Europe starting from the 2023/24 season. The partnership will develop on both  offline and online channels and will create a series of branded content in the coming weeks that will involve Napoli fans around the world.

Leonardo Massa, Managing Director of MSC Cruises, comments:

“I’m very happy to be here today to witness this partnership between MSC Cruises and SSC Napoli, two entities that represent Italian and Neapolitan excellence in the world. In a short space of time Napoli have achieved incredible results and milestones, promising to further this in years to come, and are supported by millions of passionate fans around the world, while MSC Cruises, the third fastest growing global brand, have increased their fleet to 22 units, establishing new records. The two companies share the same spirit: setting ambitious goals and aiming to achieve them showing stubbornness, tenacity and team spirit. MSC Cruises are preparing for a record 2023, with a significant increase in passenger movements that will reach four million in Italian ports alone. We’re ready to team up with SSC Napoli and to embrace new and stimulating challenges."

Aurelio De Laurentiis, President of SSC Napoli, comments:

"MSC are the ideal partner to ferry Napoli between two eras. We started together in the summer of 2011 and now after so many years our relationship reaches its culmination through the sharing of a manifesto that unites the city of Naples with the rest of the world. We look forward to starting this new journey together, with the hope that it will take both entities as far as possible in search of new triumphs."

The second important sponsorship news concerns the sleeve of the new matchday jerseys, where the eBay logo will now be present.

SSC Napoli and eBay are unveiling their partnership for the 2023/24 football season. The global marketplace becomes the club’s Official E-Commerce Partner and its logo will be emblazoned both on the sleeve of the match shirts in Italy and Europe and on the Italian champions’ training kit.

eBay’s collaboration with SSC Napoli reaffirms the online store’s reputation as the "marketplace of passions", which offers fans everything they want to feed their interest in football and their favourite team.

Alice Acciarri
, General Manager of eBay Italy, comments:

"We’re thrilled to be appearing on the shirt of the reigning Serie A champions. eBay is the marketplace of passions and today, together with SSC Napoli, we celebrate football and the passions of our community."

 Aurelio De Laurentiis, President of SSC Napoli, comments:

"By teaming up with eBay we’re expanding our network of our global partners, giving value to the concept of internationalisation which is inherent in our new campaign. Together with eBay we want to bring our passion all over the world, colouring every corner of the planet blue."

The club have confirmed that South Korean blockchain Dunamu Inc, with their own Upbit brand, will be the new Back-Shirt Partner, speaking volumes of the importance of the Napoli brand in Asia.

Sirgoo Lee, CEO of Dunamu Inc, comments:

"It’s been a privilege for us to be part of SSC Napoli's incredible season, a truly unforgettable experience for us at Upbit and for all Korean fans. We’re proud to kick off another great campaign with the club are we’re convinced that it will bring us more successes."    

Aurelio De Laurentiis, President of SSC Napoli, comments:

"Upbit have given us privileged access to the South Korean market, which is crucial for our business strategies. Through this partnership we’ll continue our journey of increasing our ties with the Asian market which has got off to a mutually beneficial start in recent months."

The new jerseys will be on sale from today at 19:26 CEST at, as well as on the new SSC Napoli Brand Store within the portal.

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