Jens Cajuste has revealed that opting to move to Napoli this summer was a no-brainer thanks to the club, players, coach, fans and city.

Read what our Swedish midfielder had to say during his official press unveiling at the SSC Napoli Konami Training Centre on Thursday.

What's your best position in midfield?

“I can play multiple positions. I played interchangeably as a No.6 and a No.8 last season. I love playing both positions. It's a question of what the coach wants from me. I can play anywhere.”

How do you feel about joining a club like Napoli?

“I'm honoured and humbled to have joined this team – the champions of Italy with a great history and a great coach.

“I don't really like to talk about my style of play but my main objective is to work very hard for the team at both ends of the field.”

Do you hope to play on Saturday?

“I'm very happy to be here. I'm just one piece of a well-oiled machine. Playng time is not my main focus. I just want to help as much as possible when needed – and that decision is up to the coach.”

Which of your new team-mates has impressed you the most?

“It's been a great experience from the first day of training. Quite frankly I've been impressed by everybody. I've seen a level that I hadn't yet experienced in my career. I've been impressed by a lot of players.”

What did you think of Napoli's football last season?

“I watched Napoli last season and they were a team that I was impressed by, so being here is kind of surreal – something I wasn't expecting to happen this fast. It's very exciting.”

Why did you choose Napoli?

“It was probably the easiest decision of my life: the champions of Italy with a great coach and amazing fans in a beautiful city.”

What do you think of Serie A?

“It's a very competitive league and more tactical than the French league. I've watched lots of matches over the years and I've looking forward to experiencing it first hand.”

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