Francesco Calzona spoke after his side’s 4-2 win over Monza on Sunday afternoon. The Napoli head coach discussed how the Azzurri managed to come back after a quiet first half.

“During the break, we gave ourselves a talking to. We didn’t start the game with enough energy. In football, even before tactics, you need to run. We kept waiting for the ball to come to us and there wasn’t enough movement.

“In the second half, we upped the intensity and we let our quality shine. That’s how great players react. We’ve got great players and that’s why we’re disappointed with how this season has been going.

“We came back thanks to our team spirit. Before anything else in football, running and motivation count for a lot. We got these things back in the second half of the game.

“Victor Osimhen’s leveller got us back into the game then Matteo Politano’s goal got us over that mental block. We scored some excellent goals. I particularly liked Giacomo Raspadori’s sprint. He believed and got us to safety with his goal.”

The coach also commented on his future at the club.

“I have a contract with the Slovakian national team, but Napoli is my life and I’d like to leave some good memories here. This club means a lot for my career.

“Getting to Europe doesn’t just depend on us now, but we want to give our all to earn the points that are still available.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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