"We are too fragile – today we paid the price for an attitude that made us vulnerable," Francesco Calzona said as he gave his thoughts on Napoli's defeat to Atalanta. "We need to rediscover our solidity."

"Credit has to go to Atalanta but much of the defeat is down to us. We melt when we are not in possession of the ball, because when we're in command we're able to create goal-scoring chances," the coach added.

"We need to be more solid especially in defence, but that goes for the team as a whole, not just the defence. The initial pressure must come from the front and the forwards are the first defenders in this sense. In this aspect we need consistency and intensity both in midfield and up front. Today we did little of this – we need more organisation and application."

Calzona continued: "Unfortunately Napoli have had a lot of things go against them this year. When you find yourself in this situation it is also more difficult to integrate newcomers. It's a year that started badly and you can see the consequences even now.

"Today we created chances but in a haphazard fashion. We were vulnerable and this affected the course of the match and the final result. We have to work and look ahead as long as there is a mathematical possibility of finishing in the Champions League positions."

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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