The magic of football takes to the pitch
with SSC Napoli and Coca-Cola

The company becomes an SSC Napoli Global Partner

Milan, 4 July 2022 – SSC Napoli and Coca-Cola are pleased to announce an agreement through which the company will be alongside the club as a Global Partner, with exclusivity in the soft drinks category.

Coca-Cola has a long history of closeness to sport and major football events worldwide, and has always united people, accompanying them in all moments of joy and togetherness. Elements that are part of the football world because nothing unites more than sharing a passion.

The partnership highlights the company's strong connection with Italy, where it has been present and producing for more than 90 years, and, in particular, with the Campania region. Indeed, it was in Naples that a drink known globally as Fanta was born in 1955, with juice from 100% Italian oranges. The Marcianise (CE) plant, Coca-Cola HBC production hub in Southern Italy, has also been active since 1974.

It was therefore the deep connection with the city that led Coca-Cola and SSC Napoli to meet and sign a partnership to communicate the values and love for this sport, which is a fundamental element of the Neapolitan identity. The collaboration includes, for example, the development of visibility activities and point-of-sale campaigns, the production of social contents and the distribution of stadium tickets and dedicated merchandise.

“We’re so proud to announce this partnership today, which connects us with a brand that is loved the world over,” stated Tommaso Bianchini, Napoli’s Chief International Development Officer. “Coca-Cola is a prestigious and successful brand, which also applies to the world of sport, with which we would like to create a strategic path in a bid to entertain our supporters from all over the world even more. This partnership falls within our brand’s international expansion programme and we’re thrilled to welcome Coca-Cola to our prestigious network of global partnerships.”

“We are thrilled to start this journey together with a great club like SSC Napoli, in a city where we feel at home because we share with Neapolitans a tradition of passion for football and the values it represents, also in everyday life," says Raluca Vlad, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Italia. "Coca-Cola has always been a brand associated with happiness and togetherness, at the stadium or at home. Maybe with the other Neapolitan passion that goes well with Coca-Cola: pizza!"

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