Eljif Elmas says Napoli must see Saturday's match against Salernitana as 'just another game' and concentrate on doing the same things they've been doing all season.

“It's going to be very difficult because I don't think anyone wants to see another team win the title against them,” the North Macedonian told Radio Kiss Kiss on Thursday.

“We mustn't go out there thinking it's the match that could make us champions; we just have to focus on winning it and everything else will come as a result.

"We must make no mistakes and be ready to play the perfect match so that we can continue this extraordinary season we're having.”

Victory on Saturday would leave the Azzurri waiting on results elsewhere to be crowned champions this weekend following last Sunday's win over Juventus. That winning goal in Turin was manufactured by Elmas, Piotr Zielinski and Giacomo Raspadori after all three of them had come off the bench – reinforcing the notion that even more than a team game, it's a squad game at Napoli.

"We came on at the right time but the credit must be shared both by those who started and those who came on. Our strength is the group. It's happened lots of other times that we've won games thanks to our subs and it's become the norm.

"It was incredible to win in Turin but it wasn't the first such occasion – we've won lots of big matches this season.”

Eljif then recounted the goal from his own perspective.

"I was just waiting for Piotr to give me the ball because I already knew I how I was going to cross it. I'd seen Victor's run and Jack coming up from behind. It's a move we've practised in training and I'd said to him: 'If you score a goal from one of my crosses in a game, you owe me €500.' He hasn't given it to me yet though...

"We joke like that all the time because we're all friends and it motivates us that little bit more. We know how we got where we are, how much graft we've all put in and how well we all get on. We want to finish this fantastic journey.”

How does Elmas imagine the Scudetto?

"As a kid, I never thought I'd win a league title. I've never been able to think about it because I thought it was beyond me. If I think about winning it with Napoli, it's an even bigger dream.

“I honestly can't imagine what might happen in the city. I'll wait to see the celebrations but right now we're thinking only of Salernitana and on giving everything we've got.

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