Despite Napoli’s loss to Real Madrid at home on Tuesday evening, Rudi Garcia took away some positives from the big game.

“I’m disappointed with the result but I’m happy with our performance in many aspects. We were on par with Real Madrid and that shows how good we are. Unfortunately, we came undone slightly after they made it 1-1 and then conceded a second goal. At that moment, we needed to regroup straight away and get going again.

“I have no complaints about the first goal we conceded because we always try and build from the back and therefore run the risk of losing the ball. But we should have been more careful on the move that led to [Jude] Bellingham’s goal. That’s my only regret because we should have played that better.

“In the second half we saw a more aggressive Napoli who kept the ball well and attacked, pushing back a top team like Real. I saw a good attitude and some great intensity.

“It’s our fourth game in nine days and some of the lads have played a lot recently. That’s why I brought in fresh legs from the bench. I’m happy with the way they came on and made an important contribution."

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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