Rudi Garcia has urged his side to maintain the momentum gained from two away victories in the last week when they host AC Milan at the Stadio Maradona on Sunday evening.

“We have this home match against one of our direct rivals and it's one we really want to win,” he told reporters at a news conference on Saturday.

“There's a good atmosphere in the camp. We've had a decent run of results but we know that if we really want to move up the table we need to keep winning back to back games.

"We want victory at home especially because we have the help of our fans after two wins on the road.”

Last season AC Milan were one of the few sides who made it really tough for Napoli. Does your game plan factor in what happened in these meetings last term?

“It will be a different game to last season. People keep saying this Napoli team is different to the one from last season so this game against Milan will be different too.”

Can we say this match is the moment of truth?

“I think the truth is spread out over the first 13 games we've played in Serie A and the Champions League. We'll see where we are after tomorrow's match.”

Napoli have the league's sixth best defence and your attack has a low shot conversion ratio. What do those stats say?

“I think the main area where we need to improve is our accuracy in front of goal. We don't struggle a lot defensively but we've conceded from the few chances we've given our opponents. We've improved in that respect in the last few games.”

Do you have a plan for dealing with Rafael Leao?

"Leao is an excellent player but we can't worry about just one man. Our strategy must be to contain Milan as a team because they have lots of quality footballers in their ranks.”

Have you seen a renewed hunger in your players in the last two matches?

“I know my players well and I sense they're always very keen to win, not just now. They put in solid performances against Verona and Berlin and I'm happy with their attitude.”

What do you have to say to people who criticise Napoli's playing style?

“I never look at the past. What mattered was winning at the Bentegodi and in Berlin. Now we're thinking about tomorrow. If anything, it means that if we're able to play better in future, it will be easier for us to win games.

“If we're talking about the midweek match against Union, we were up against a team that had lost eight on the bounce and made a real battle of it. It may not have been our best game on a tactical level but it was our best in terms of character, unity and hard graft by the whole team. You can take nothing for granted in the Champions League.”

Will Frank Anguissa be available tomorrow?

"Frank is fit but he doesn't have 90 minutes I him, so if he starts he'll have to come off at some point, or he could come off the bench.”

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