Rudi Garcia says his players are enthusiastic and motivated as they embark on preparations for the new season.

The Napoli coach was sharing his initial impressions with the media after the team's first day of work at their training camp in Trentino.

“We've been given a fantastic welcome here in Dimaro,” Garcia said. “I've seen lots of kids and families. You can feel how much the fans love Napoli. I missed this level of passion in France.

“I want to thank everyone for all the joy I've felt around me and the team. Winning the Scudetto after 33 years is a fantastic achievement. I want to thank Luciano Spalletti too for the kind words he's said about me.

“I'm happy to be the Napoli coach and I'm getting to know a wonderful city. I've travelled a lot in my life but I can tell I've come to a magnificent place and I can't wait to get started.”

Have you spoken to Aurelio De Laurentiis about signings?

"I've said before that what I like most about the president is his ambition. And if we're ambitious, then we want a competitive team. Apart from Kim [Min-jae], who has left, I'd like to keep all the players we have if possible. If there are any small changes or signings, we'll deal with them as and when.

“I wanted to bring lots of Primavera players here with us because I'm used to seeing all the academy kids with my own eyes. I want to find a young player who can break into the first team, as I have done previously in my career.”

What did you make of Francesco Sinatti's departure?

“I asked Sinatti to work with us but he said he didn't have enough energy to stay. It's a real shame because I know Napoli have top-level professionals but I respect his decision.”

Have you spoken to Victor Osimhen?

“I've spoken to him and he's very keen to stay at Napoli. He's happy to be part of our plans and he can't wait to get started.”

Do you have an idea who could replace Kim in defence?

“We have time to find the right centre-back. The club is working and we're considering our options. There's no rush. The main thing is we find the best defender for us who fits with our financial requirements.”

What's your first impression of the squad?

“I've spoken to everyone and they're all hungry and want to repeat last season. There are lots of youngsters keen to establish themselves too. I prefer to talk about the team more than individuals. I give importance to all my players because we need to get the most out of each and every one of them.”

What are your key tactical ideas?

“I want high intensity in training. I believe pre-season is the most important part of the year. When you work well in pre-season, you reap the benefits during the year. We'll work on fast pressing and ball possession. I've seen that Napoli are used to playing that way.

“Having said that, I also want to have a plan B and a plan C if needed. We need to be capable of mixing it up if our opponents suppress our game plan.”

Are you looking to bring in any midfielders?

“[Tanguy] Ndombele has left and we have to find a replacement. Alongside Frank Anguissa we need a player who is both skilful and physical – those are the qualities we're after.”

Do you have an idea how you want to use Giacomo Raspadori?

“I have my ideas about Raspadori, as I do about my other players, but let me work with everyone and get to know them properly so that I can get a clearer idea.”

“As I said, in principle I'd like to keep all the players under contract because this is a squad with top-quality footballers in every area. In a week's time everyone will be back and we'll be able to work with a full complement of players.”

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