Rudi Garcia was quick to heap praise on his players for the 1-0 victory in the Champions League against Union Berlin at the Olympiastadion on Tuesday evening.

“We won thanks to our grit, patience, desire and intelligence,” explained the boss.

“Even before the game kicked off, we knew this would be a tough one. When a team are off the back of eight defeats in a row, the statistical probability of them getting a result is higher than of losing again.

“In addition to that, we were aware that it would be tough to break the deadlock given Union Berlin’s tactical approach.

“We kept our heads and never got ourselves into any real danger, but it’s also true that we didn’t create much in the first half. The pitch was heavy and it was hard to play short passes.

“In the second half, we showed patience and intelligence to find the path to goal. The skill by [Khvicha] Kvara and the first-time finish by [Jack] Raspadori were wonderful from a technical standpoint. It was a brilliant goal that I really liked in terms of the assist and the finish.

“We showed all the right ingredients out on the pitch to be able to express ourselves in line with our standards of quality and strength.

“We’re a team that know how to play with the ball and also run hard and fight. Those are the main attributes with which we can carry on down our path.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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