Ahead of Saturday's match against Verona, Rudi Garcia opened his press conference by sharing his thoughts about the fortnight that has passed since the defeat to Fiorentina.

“I'm calm and relaxed. I think some people showed me a lack of respect after the game against Fiorentina but there were lots of journalists and fans who showed me their support too.

“I think things were blown out of proportion. I'm not saying we did well but we didn't do all that badly either.

“We lost to Fiorentina but had three or four good games before that. In any case, I take my responsibility where it's due – I've never shied away from that.

“The most important thing is my relationship with the players and the club – and the management and the president have shown me their support.

“I'm a bit disappointed because I thought the media would be a bit more collaborative. That's something for me to think about.

“However, now all that matters is we beat Verona.”

How much will you miss Victor Osimhen?

“It's not just Victor – we're without [Frank] Anguissa too. But generally I don't complain about missing players because it's counter-productive. Besides, I have a big squad with three forwards so I have various options to choose from.

“[Giovanni] Simeone and [Giacomo] Raspadori are different but they're both quality strikers. They can play one or the other, or together. I'm sure we'll see both situations over the coming games.

“We're a little bit shorter in midfield but [Jens] Cajuste was signed precisely because he can play anywhere in midfield and is a good replacement Anguissa.”

What kind of game are you expecting tomorrow?

“It's going to difficult because Verona is a tough place to impose your game but it's a match we must win. We'll need to be good both with and without the ball, technically and physically. We're determined to go there and produce a big performance.”

Do you think you need to change things more mentally or physically?

“I don't think we need to change everything. There are lots of good things we want to keep. There are a number of areas we need to work on – both on the pitch and on a mental level. You need to have different options available to you, in your head and in your feet, and that's something we prepared in pre-season.

“The players have shown the right attitude over the last few days. We have plenty of motivation and we have to bring it out on the pitch.”

How are the international players looking?

"Apart from Victor, all the others are fine – a bit tired but available for selection. The same goes for [Matias] Olivera, even though he's only just got back.”

Is Amir Rrahmani ready to return?

“Yes, he's back in full training. He's recovered and now he needs to get minutes in his legs. I'm happy with how Natan and [Leo] Ostigard have performed and either of them could play alongside Amir.”

How have the last two weeks been for you?

“As I said, we were disappointed about the Fiorentina result but personally I'm focusing on the future and the games we have to play.

“Besides the backing from the club, lots of fans have encouraged me and stopped me in the street to show me their support. That was reassuring and I want to thank them for it.”

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