Juan Jesus spoke alongside Walter Mazzarri on the eve of Napoli v Braga.

“Tomorrow we’ll play hard. We have to get out of the group stage. We’re feeling confident because our performance has improved despite some disappointing results."

“We know we’re Italian champions and that we have to do more than what we’ve done so far. We’ve got the chance to achieve our goal of getting to the round of 16 of the Champions League and we’re super focused on that.

“The main thing we’ve been lacking is goals. We’ve created a lot of chances but we haven’t been able to convert them. We want to get back to scoring and bagging wins at home. We’ve got the chance to do that tomorrow.

“Mazzarri is really giving us a boost and he’s helping us find some calm again. The group is talented at its core and our coach is helping us to express the quality we showed last year.

“When you win the Scudetto after 30 years, obviously everyone raises their expectations. We absolutely want to continue to win because success should be a constant for Napoli.

“We have the bulk of the responsibility because we’re the players that go out on the pitch and have to show what we can do.

“Once again, staying calm is fundamental, as well as having better technical skills. We’re working hard. We have faith and we’re working together with our coach. We’re sure we’re on the right path.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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