Khvicha Kvaratskhelia gave his first press conference as a Napoli player at the club's training camp in Dimaro.

Luciano Spalletti said that you're the right player to replace Lorenzo Insigne. Does that spur you on or weigh you down?

"I'm really motivated to play for Napoli; I'm delighted to be at this great club. I've not come here as an Insigne replacement; I'm here to be myself.

When I got an offer from Napoli I didn't think twice about saying yes. It was the right call because straight away I saw what a nice and welcoming group the players are, and it's a huge club."

What has Spalletti been saying to you during this training camp?

"The coach knew all about me before I came to Napoli. He's a great coach and I'm keen to learn as much as I can from him."

What's your preferred position?

"I usually play as a left-sided attacker but I'm happy to fit into any role which is required of me in the team."

Do you think you'll settle in quickly to life in Italy?

"I've already started studying Italian; this will help me out on the pitch. It'll take me a bit of time to ease myself into Serie A but I've got a lot of faith both in the coach and the team."

What do you know about Naples?

"I've been told it's a beautiful place with incredible fans. There's so much passion; it'll really fire me up."

How many goals are you aiming to score in your first Serie A campaign?

"I'm not sure how many I'll get but I'll be sure to give my all."

Why did you opt for the number 77?

"7 is my favourite number and given that the 7 shirt was already taken I opted for 77 as two sevens will hopefully bring me good luck."

What are your personal aims?

"First and foremost I want to win things with the team, but I'd also like to improve as a player. I'm now part of a great team and we're keen to triumph."

In your hometown you've been given the nickname Kvaradona as a tribute to the one and only Diego:

"I'm fully aware that Maradona used to play for Napoli and I hope that I can do the shirt and the city of Naples justice. There's no way I'll be able to equal Diego's feats but I'll give my all to make the fans happy."

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