Speaking to Radio Kiss Kiss, Napoli midfielder Stanislav Lobotka feels his side are well-prepared as the new season fast approaches. “We are ready for the opening match against Verona. We can’t wait for the season to begin.

“We trained really well at our summer camp. The work we did was intense, but it means we can enter the season in good shape right from the get-go. We want to show what we can do right away.

“This year, many big players have left – we know that. However, other young, talented players have come in too. Perhaps without the limelight, we can play without too much pressure. But we know that we can be competitive.

“As for me, I feel really good. Spalletti has always put a lot of faith in me and that’s crucial. The coach sees every player as having an important role to play and he gets everyone to a point where they can make their own contribution.

“I’m sure that we be competitive this season. Our aim is to always give our all and to reward the fans for their generous support. A new Napoli side is forming while retaining its high level of performance.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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