Napoli goalkeeper Alex Meret spoke to Radio Kiss Kiss on Thursday, outlining the approach his side are taking to their continued success this year. “We’re really enthusiastic but we’re also mature enough to understand that we need to take it one game at a time.

“We’re enjoying a fantastic run of form, both in terms of results and performances, but we also know that there’s still half a season to go. We have lots of crucial games ahead of us which we must approach with the right mentality.

“We’re not looking too far ahead. We’re focused on our upcoming match and then we’ll think about the next one.

“Cremonese are a side worthy of respect who knocked us out of the Coppa Italia. With that in mind, we will have to give our all to get our revenge in the league.

“We have shown great maturity and patience when approaching our games up to now, especially against defensive opponents. It’ll be that kind of match on Sunday and we’ll need to replicate our recent excellent performances.”

When asked about the most difficult save he has made this year, the Napoli number one found it difficult to choose. “I think there are two: the one against Giroud at San Siro and the other against Piatek in Salerno. However, there have been other important saves that I fortunately managed to make this season.”

Clearly, coach Luciano Spalletti has ambitions for his team in Europe too and Meret was full of praise for his guidance. “The coach is very skilled at ensuring we remain fully focused and stay ahead of the game, paying attention to every detail. He offers us a great deal on a psychological level and we owe a lot of our self-confidence to him.

“The Champions League is an amazing and prestigious competition. The group stage proved that we can compete on an international level too. We can be amongst the best in Europe and we will do everything we can to go as far as possible.

“This year, we’ve been getting fantastic results which many thought impossible in the summer. However, we’ve always known the work we were putting in and we want to continue bringing our fans lots of joy.”

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