Alex Meret spoke to Radio Kiss Kiss on Friday about his form and further prospects as Napoli goalkeeper off the back of a positive start to the season.

“I’m pleased with my form and want to keep progressing further as the Napoli goalkeeper.

How was the win in Glasgow?

“We got a big victory there at a difficult ground with a heated atmosphere. They really pushed forward and we did well to control the game. We remained balanced and kept our heads before striking in the second half.

“My first-half save was key because it allowed us to withstand their aggression and then get into the game as the minutes passed.

“It was a mature display and we’re so pleased with how it’s all going in the Champions League and in the league. It’s just the start and we know there are so many games to come.

“We’re probably missing the points dropped against Lecce, but overall we’re expressing ourselves out on the pitch and must continue down this path.

It’s also a pleasing time for you after many rumours about you in the summer.

“That’s what I’m made of. I’m a calm guy who focuses on the job at hand. I don’t listen to what’s being said externally. I just think about improving myself and giving my all. I’m happy about how the season has begun. Now I need to keep developing.

“I’m not the most eye-catching goalkeeper, but I do know how to manage the defence in my own way. I’m still young and need to mature further. I’ll have time and ways to perfect every aspect of my position.”

Kim is playing in front of you now. Do you feel protected with the Korean coming in?

“He’s a great defender who’s impressed me so much. He has power, anticipation, good heading ability and he makes our defence stronger.

Luciano Spalletti was singing your praises in training.

“I’m pleased because things always go better when you have consistency and the coach has faith in you. As I’ve said, I haven’t achieved anything yet. I want to cement my place as number 1 and stay focused because we need to keep giving our all.”

How’s it been training with Salvatore Sirigu?

“Salvatore is great goalkeeper and wonderful person. It’s so important for us to have him here with his charisma and experience in football. He’s a key dressing-room figure.”       

You recently became a father. Which other personal wishes would you like to achieve in the future?

“Calmness, health and continuing to improve as the Napoli goalkeeper. We’ll all work hard to achieve our big footballing dreams and we’ll try to reach the target that all our fans are after.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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