The official SSC Napoli 2023 calendar was unveiled on Wednesday evening. The exclusive project has been running since 2008 and the newest edition will be the 16th as part of what is now an annual tradition enjoyed by the club’s supporters. The Head of Operations, Marketing and Sales, Alessandro Formisano, was tasked with presenting the new calendar as the original project creator.

“We wanted to address a very delicate and also fundamental topic this year, which is peace. That’s the title in bold with an exclamation mark on the cover. We aren’t just promoting peace because of the war in Ukraine, but we’re sending out a global message that relates to all conflicts afflicting the world on a daily basis.

“Something that we’re very sensitive to is the responsibility that we take on whenever there’s scope to address a large number of members of the public. We always feel a moral responsibility to shine a light on matters of collective interest so that there’s a sounding board to raise awareness on all socially relevant issues.

“We’ve always tried to steer the target of football away from the pitch and our calendar has been achieving just that for over 15 years now. SSC Napoli address every generation and people of all ages who are brought together by a passion for sport, while transmitting the values of solidarity and teamwork.

“Calendar sales already began a few days ago and are going very well. We wanted to thank our loyal fans by keeping the price fixed at €8.99. Each page is garnished with inspirational quotes that embody the values of respect, looking out for others, working towards a common purpose and brotherhood in a bid to live in a peaceful world.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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