Giacomo Raspadori spoke in the pre-match press conference ahead of the meeting with Ajax at the Stadio Maradona on Wednesday about the importance of separating the 6-1 win on the road last week from the home clash this week.

“The first game against them is in the past. We have to reset because they’ll be so determined and aggressive tomorrow and will be looking to get a good result.

“We’ll have our fans behind us, so they’ll give us something extra. We know how telling the support from our fans can be. We have to turn in a quality performance and we need to keep the intensity levels high because it’ll be a different game tomorrow compared with the one in Amsterdam.

“It’s a great chance to build on our recent results and keep increasing the level of excitement. We can go further in the Champions League and a positive result would give us a big push towards qualifying for the next round.

“We’re certainly doing really well. We need to raise our competitive level over time. We have desire and ambition, and we need to be brave enough on the pitch to improve and impose our game on the opposition.”

Spalletti has been starting you regularly recently:

“It’s key for me to have the coach’s faith. That’s been so important for me. I mainly play for my team-mates and I think that’s something that everyone appreciates.”

How is it for you as a forward when there’s rotation even during matches?

“I think that’s a positive aspect because internal competition can boost the quality of performances and we know that everyone needs to do their bit and play an important role in order to achieve positive results at the top level.

“An individual performance can’t really change the outcome of a match. It’s more down to the team performing at its best if you want to achieve success.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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