Following last week’s slip-up against Milan, coach Luciano Spalletti is determined for his side to get back on track as they chase the Scudetto, with their match against Lecce set for Friday evening. “We need to get five wins, or 15 points, to claim the title. And we will do it.”

“The idea that we are infallible is something you have attributed to us. We’ve always kept our feet on the ground and stayed calm, knowing that we have strengths and flaws just like everyone else. The players have used their skills to bring out their quality on the pitch and pick up so many wins.

“We know that Milan came into the match worried about losing, while we went in thinking it was a form of preparation for the Champions League. That’s what made the difference in terms of our motivation.

“After talking calmly about what happened, we know full well that we have some tough tests ahead of us before we can bring home the Scudetto. We haven’t yet won the title and as long as points are still needed to get that trophy, we will give our absolute all.”

What kind of game will Lecce be psychologically?

“It’s a huge game and we know that we must put in a solid performance. We need to put all our energy into what’s best for the team. When you come in off the back of a not-so-great game, you have to help each other by running for yourself and your team-mates, taking responsibility for the others too. If you always think like this, it makes it easier to come back and find that team spirit.”

How is Victor Osimhen doing?

“Osimhen will be assessed next week, so he won’t be available tomorrow. We need to see how his situation develops over the coming days.”

Will you switch things up tomorrow?

“Yes, there’ll be some changes to the line-up from Sunday.”

Do you think the defeat on Sunday will play on your mind?

“I think it’s just one defeat. We worked hard during the week and I saw great commitment and focus from the team. There’s incredible speed in their play and I’ve very rarely or never had a team like this in my coaching career.”

Is Giacomo Raspadori fit to be in the starting line-up?

“He’s an option in any capacity. He’s able to play because we’ve made sure he took a path allowing him to come back into the team.”

Do you feel like there’s a strange atmosphere around the team from some sections of fans?

“This atmosphere certainly doesn’t help us. I’ve always said that without our fans, we do not want to be there, but we also don’t want our fans creating disorder. The “Tutto per Lei” message must apply to everyone so that we can come together to build towards this great victory.

“We have one of the most passionate fanbases in football. Seeing a full stadium at home and away is a joy. It would be a shame not to have them spurring us on and giving us strength to fight for every ball right to the end.”

What dangers do you think you’ll encounter in Lecce?

“Lecce play very well and we know what dangers this match will pose. They’ve won games against the big teams, putting in great and complete performances. They’re very well-organised and they play surrounded by passionate and devoted fans.

“Obviously, they have different qualities and we must do well to go into the game with the right approach.”

How are you making sure your players don’t lose sight of what needs to be done?

“I’ve just spoken to them. They are all even more aware of this fact having shown less motivation against Milan on Sunday. The Rossoneri demonstrated why they are the reigning champions. We still have to prove we can win the Scudetto.

“We certainly won’t take our foot off the pedal. I’ve been in the game for a long time now and know that there can be hurdles along the way. We know what we can do and we know that we must get five more wins in the league. We’re not focusing on what others are saying. We need to get 15 points from 10 games. You’ll see us do that. We’ll do it.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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