Napoli must stay focused on their objective and not allow themselves to be swayed by any hiccups along the way, says Luciano Spalletti.

Speaking a few days on from the Azzurri's cup exit at the hands of Cremonese, the coach called on his side to continue their charge in Serie A.

“This is an important time for Napoli and for Naples and we have a very tricky game tomorrow,” Spalletti stressed at a media conference ahead of Saturday's game against Salernitana.

“Of course we weren't happy about going out of the Coppa Italia but there are no psychological after-effects. I expect to see the team respond tomorrow in what will be a very difficult game and one we can't wait to play.

Will Khvicha Kvaratskhelia be involved?

"Kvara won't travel with us. He's still got a temperature and the doctor has given him some medicine to help him get better. It wouldn't be wise to risk him.”

Have you decided on the team?

“At the moment all I can say is that [Elif] Elmas will be in the team because he deserves to startwith the form he's in.”

What do you think about there being no away fans tomorrow?

“This is a very important moment of time and every detail can be crucial, including the fans. Unfortunately we're paying the price for the actions of a few people who didn't show their passion in the right way. Our fans give us strength and I'm very sad that we won't be able to have them alongside us.

“From here on in, everyone must give everything they have to achieve our common goal. We have to give everything for this team, for the shirt and for the city. The aim of each and every one of us must be to attain our goal and to ignore any provocation. Because at the end of the day, if things go the way we hope they will, it's Napoli that will benefit from it.”

What sort of match are you expecting against Salernitana?

“First of all, I'm happy to see [Davide] Nicola in the dugout because I rate him as a coach and as a person, even though the fact he's in charge will make it more difficult for us. We should expect all sorts of difficulties. Salernitana will be really up for it and the atmosphere will be fiery. However, we have our own objective to pursue and we can't choose the sort of game we have to play.

“We have to deal with whatever is thrown at us. We're going to need all of our technical, physical and mental ability. We know what path we have to take and we must carry on along it with the same intensity.

“We have to give 100% at all times because even one percent less could be fatal. Now we have this derby to play and we must be very careful. When you play for a big club you have to be ready to do whatever is needed and show you have the character to go with your talent.

“You should always be hungry for victory. As the Neapolitan proverb goes: 'Hunger is never tired.'

“We mustn't let anyone or anything distract us from the desire, ambition and determination we have to achieve our goal.”

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