It was yet another impressive display from his side on Wednesday as Napoli emerged 3-0 winners against Rangers in the Champions League. Coach Luciano Spalletti was rightly pleased with what he saw. “I’m happy with the incredible team spirit we are showing in each game.”

There were six changes to the side that played at the Stadio Olimpico at the weekend. “The amazing thing is that the lads who haven’t been playing often come in and do perfectly. They train like top professionals and when you give them a chance, they demonstrate their worth.

“I have a squad of players who show complete commitment, great involvement and support for their team-mates even if they’re not on the pitch. I saw great desire to be involved. Tonight, the strikers were also chasing back to get the ball. I am really happy to see this spirit.

“We are doing really well, playing two-touch football with great results. We make the ball do the work and there’s always a team-mate nearby to help cover or block. There is full commitment and ambition from everyone. This is due to the hard work that the lads are putting into training.”

Napoli’s final group game sees them travel to Anfield, as they battle it out with Liverpool for top spot in Group A.

“They’re a difficult team to deal with and to stop. We’ll have play high to try to dominate possession, but it’ll be a game with many different facets and we’ll need to try and steer it in the direction that we want.

“In any case, it will certainly be a show at Anfield and we deserve to go there to fight for top spot.

“Right now, we must first look ahead to Sassuolo, who are quality opponents with a lot of speed. The team know that to do things right, you have to always push yourselves to the maximum. The boys have found the right rhythm and know that this is the path they need to take.”

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