Luciano Spalletti says that his future has been made clear following a meeting with Aurelio De Laurentiis.

The coach was speaking to journalists ahead of Sunday's clash with Inter, after being asked about the president stating that he doesn't want 'to clip anyone's wings'.

"For the job I have to do I don't need wings – I need boots,” Spalletti replied. “I have no intention of flying anywhere. The president will speak about the contract. I settled and clarified everything during the dinner we had together.

"There are no negotiations. I haven't refused an improved deal and there is no clause. Nor am I waiting or looking for another team to coach. Anyone who writes that is saying something that is untrue.”

Do you think it will more difficult to start again as the champions?

"No, it's more difficult starting with a team that many people didn't think would finish in the top four and which has proved people wrong. We've taken the right steps and it's easier to work in the situation we find ourselves now. I've always said that Napoli have a great future.

Tomorrow you host Champions League finalists Inter. Is that added incentive for you?

"We still have plenty of motivation because the players chosen by the club have an innate self-discipline and there's no need to spur them on. I think an even bigger incentive than playing a Champions League finalist is the fact we've beaten every team in Serie A this season except Inter. That's a big incentive for us.”

Do you think this team has room for improvement after an extraordinary season?

“That's not something we can state now but this is certainly the ideal team to work with and try to improve. I think we have an excellent squad with some fantastic players. As the president said, Napoli can challenge for the Champions League. [Aurelio] De Laurentiis has taken Napoli from nothing to this incredibly high level. He know what to do for the future.”

If you were to write a letter to the fans, what would you say today?

“To the fans I want to say that I've received more from them than they have from me. I thanked them on the day we won the Scudetto and I thank them again today.

"Naples has the best atmosphere and fans because the city fixes even the mistakes we make and ones I've made. It's a unique fanbase with incredible creativity that you have to give everything for and go beyond your limits.

"When it comes to coaching Napoli you have to be very ambitious. Last year we finished third and we received criticism and protests. You can ask [Giovanni] Di Lorenzo and all the players and staff what I said to them from day one. I've been given the opportunity to coach a great team but mainly it's down to the work done by the players themselves. There were some I didn't pick as often as they'd have liked but despite everything they always showed the right attitude.”

Do you feel worn out after this season?

“No, I'm fine. I think about football 24 hours a day and I work with the same intensity. Naples deserves that – 100% and more. There is a bit of accumulated fatigue of course and you have to ask yourself how you want to go again. But I can assure you that if I do go again, I'll be doing it at top speed, against everyone and everything.”

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