"We can only write our names in the history books by getting results, and we need to keep doing so." Luciano Spalletti spoke ahead of his side's match against Spezia.

"Any match is a potential banana skin if you don't take it seriously. Spezia need points to stay up and will approach the match looking to climb the table regardless of the fact they're up against the league leaders. I know the city well and how it builds up for match.

"Picco is a tough place to go to and we'll need to be fully focused if we are to pick up all three points. We approach every opponent the same regardless of their position in the table because there are three points up for grabs in every game.

"Spezia's coach Luca Gotti is a really passionate man. Spezia are capable of playing good football because they've got quick and technically-gifted players. They're good at attacking into space and we'll need to track their runs. We aim to dominate the game but we're also aware that we'll have to be mindful to stop any of their counter-attacks.

Are you and the squad able to appreciate the atmosphere in Naples at a time when the team is on the road to making history?

"We get affection and love every day in Naples. It's up to us to channel all of this emotion, while not getting carried away on the pitch.

"Everyone must play their part, both the team and the fans, because we can't let up, not for a second. The players will take in what I say but also the passion and chanting from our fans. It's a shame our fans can't be at Spezia, we'll need to learn to not do such things again. We're stronger together."

Given you're 13 points clear is it cause for premature celebrations?

"If we were to turn back time many people would doubt our ability to do what we've done. Now that we're in this excellent position we need to bear in mind that our rivals are capable of doing the same thing we did in our first 20 games.

"That's why we need to keep moving in the right direction and not giving our rivals a glimmer of hope. Results make history, not advance calculations or predictions. There are teams below us in the table in great form and our points difference over them is only as it stands now.

"People were saying that January would be a difficult and decisive month but we kept our focus and played with great intensity. That's the approach we need to carry on with until June. We can't let up because this season is far from done."

How much are you responsible for Osimhen's development?

"Victor has huge potential and quality, regardless of who's coaching him. You'll see that his goal tally will improve year on year because he's a top striker."

Giacomo Raspadori scored the winner at the end of the first meeting this season. Will he play tomorrow?

"I've always been aware of what my players are capable of. There are some players who play less than others but who turn up to training early and work tremendously hard. I'd love it if everyone was like this. Raspadori is one of these players, his effort and dedication are second to none. It's hard to leave him out."

Just as Stefano Pioli said after the match at San Siro, Jose Mourinho claimed that Roma deserved more against Napoli.

"In football there are things people they say just to boost their own team's morale. I can only speak for what concerns us, and from my point of view those games were tough and evenly-matched but we deserved what we got both at San Siro and last Sunday against Roma."

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