Luciano Spalletti shared his thoughts on the eve of his team's match against Torino, in particular on how he is feeling at this point of the season.

"I don't look too far ahead – our future is now and it's tomorrow's match. Torino are an opponent who press you and really breathe down your neck," he said.  

Is this the happiest moment of your career?

"I try to make the most of the time that passes because one day we will be judged for the professionalism and seriousness we've shown in taking things on. I know that I must treasure every opportunity that comes my way because, as a coach, I don't have much more time, being 64 years old. For Napoli, I'm willing to do anything to be able to make the most of what awaits us."

Do you think this year cannot be repeated?

"What will come in the future is unrepeatable. What happens to us now is real and must be used to keep on improving. You must never stop – you have to dig deeper and deeper to get the maximum."

What sort of game are you expecting tomorrow?

"I have great respect for Torino and for [Ivan] Juric. I know it will be a very difficult match. We will come up against a side that suffocates you, both in possession and defensively. They are trained to maintain a very high level of concentration during the match.

"They often chase you and make the contest a physical one. They can press in every area of the pitch and they are always breathing down your neck, even when you're in possession. In addition, they have a goalkeeper with a very long kick, which forces you to drop back right away, even with the forwards, and start again from the back.

"Torino have physical but also technical options in attack. If they could make the pitch longer, they would, because they love to run onto the long clearance. They enjoy making the game scrappy and putting it on the line. I have sometimes argued with their coach, but I hold him in high esteem."

What do you envisage, looking to the future?

"I don't know. I prefer not to make calculations or far-off projections. I live in the present – you have to concentrate and make the most of the moment you live in. In football, evaluations can change every single day. You must always try to improve.

"When I think about the commitment and professionalism of my team, I would like to experience this reality forever. In the end what counts is how much you have loved what you have lived and how much you have been loved."

Can we expect any changes tomorrow?

"There may be a few different players in the starting line-up. It makes little difference for us, however, because our focus is on playing our game and playing it well, taking each match as it comes. Always one at a time, then we will do the maths.

"Any rotation will depend on the individual's condition, both physical and mental, but I honestly have no fear of making the wrong choices, because whichever player I choose is fine. I have a group of exceptional guys ready to play at any time".

Will Giacomo Raspadori recover for tomorrow?

"Raspadori will not return yet and he won't go away with the national team. He is working to recover as best he can."

Are you satisfied with Tanguy Ndombele's development?

"Ndombele is a valuable player. I've got to know him well here and I really enjoy coaching him. He's physically strong, has an engine as well as remarkable technical flair. He's a player I like a lot."

Could you also field some new starters tomorrow in view of the upcoming demands in the league and Champions League?

"I don't like people talking about future games. I want to stay focused on the game that is coming up. If someone tells you that you are already mentally on the next match, that puts you in trouble for the match you are about to play. Maybe we will see something different tomorrow, but I can't say much yet. I prefer to talk and hug my players first, as I always do."

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