Luciano Spalletti has hailed Napoli's achievement of reaching the Champions League quarter-finals after another impressive display from the Azzurri saw them overcome Eintracht Frankfurt 3-0.

"We did everything we planned today,” the coach began after the last-16 second leg at the Maradona. “We didn't let them in on the counter. Eintracht tried to create density in midfield and it wasn't easy to play against. They tried to apply more pressure given the first-leg result but we kept things tidy, were clear-headed and balanced.

"In the second half, after Osimhen's goal, we did even better. We had more opportunities to play out and were always in control of things.

“If this club had never made it to the Champions League quarter-finals before, it means this is a great achievement and it's deserved. We'll enjoy this moment then continue with the same mentality.”

Pep Guardiola has said Napoli play the best football in Europe. Does that make you proud?

“I'm not proud and actually I don't like this little game of placing pressure on other teams. Everyone knows that compliments push you up higher so that you can fall. Napoli can't be held up above a club like Manchester City who spend so many millions putting their squad together. I've heard it all before and to be quite honest I don't like it.”

Who would you like to play in the quarters?

“I don't have any preferences. We'll take whoever we get in the draw. I'd like to tell our fans to go into the streets to sing and celebrate this qualification, without rising to provocation and ruining the achievement.”

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