Although Napoli did not emerge with three more points on the board from their trip to Anfield, the Azzurri managed to finish top of their group after a great display in the Champions League so far. Despite the 2-0 defeat against Liverpool, coach Luciano Spalletti was pleased with his side’s performance. “We’re coming away from Anfield showing what a great side we are.

“We put in a great performance. For long stretches of the game, we took control and never let up. We held onto the ball well and created some chances.

“We showed good balance and as time went on, we kept our intensity levels high without dropping the ball. We tried to get the win when we could have sat back and played for a draw. These kinds of matches show that you’ve reached a high level both technically and physically.

“We went in with the right mentality. We could have even won it with a bit more freedom in our play, but we were right to be careful because they are a great team and never give up.

“Coming here and playing like this shows what determination and confidence you have. Finishing top of the group is an incredible achievement.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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