“It was a wonderful evening which bears witness to the passion and love among the Napoli fans,” explained Luciano Spalletti after the 3-0 friendly win over Juve Stabia at the Stadio Maradona on Wednesday evening.

“I’d like to thank the fans for getting behind us and the fantastic support. The atmosphere here has to give us the push that we need to repay them for their displays of love.

“It was a demanding test this evening. Juve Stabia did really well and you could see how comfortable they are out on the pitch. Credit to Leo Colucci, who is a very well-prepared coach.

“Jack Raspadori showed his trademark ability to get into pockets in attacking midfield. Cholito Simeone also had a very positive impact on the team. Tanguy Ndombele showcased his talent with his goal.

“It was a good runout for everyone. We wanted to close the gap among those who’ve played a bit less so far. The signs are positive, but we’ll need to keep working hard, as we all know.

“We have a really tough game coming up on Sunday in Florence against a team that made it particularly difficult for us last season. It’ll be another test in which we can show how far we’ve come.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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