Luciano Spalletti has cautiously welcomed the plaudits laid at Napoli's door by Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp ahead of the two teams' Champions League Matchday 6 meeting.

Klopp had previously said that Napoli play the best football in Italy and have as good a chance as anyone of reaching the Champions League final.

"I heard what he said and they were very nice words, but sometimes compliments can be used to big you up so that you fall down even harder,” Spalletti noted in his pre-match media conference. “Compliments don't get you points and don't help you climb the table.

“We know how tough it's going to be tomorrow. We're up against a world-class team with an amazing coach. His team have played in plenty of Champions League finals so he's the best.

"Liverpool are in good shape and we mustn't be fooled by their recent results. I know we'll be up against the Liverpool we all know and I won't allow my players to lower their intensity or take it easy.

“We must fight for every ball and play with the same focus and mentality as always. Tomorrow is our chance to show that we want to win this group and make a clear statement of our intentions.”

Did you hope to be here in Liverpool playing for top spot a month ago?

"At the start of the season we obviously didn't expect to finish top of a Champions League group with all these huge, prestigious teams. Little by little our confidence grew thanks to our performances and results, which have put us at the top of the group – I think deservedly so far.

“We want to finish first as it could make a big difference going into the knockouts. To do that, we're going to have to show we can match a world-class side like Liverpool in a stadium which has written football history.”

You'll be facing Mohamed Salah, a player you coached at Roma. Do you see similarities between him and Kvicha Kvaratskhelia?

"Salah and Kvara are both genius players who can make something out of nothing. They both glide past opponents with ease and display close control at speed. They're both great lads who are aware of their potential. Kvara is young but he already knows how to leave his mark on games.”

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