Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti shared his thoughts after his team were just minutes away from securing the title, only to have their celebrations put on hold by visitors Salernitana who equalised in the final moments of the game. “We’re chasing a dream that everyone deserves. There are still steps to be taken and we’re ready for the final push. We’re so close and we’ll do what it takes to get the points we need.

“Today, there were a lot of emotional and psychological factors driving our performance, which eventually got the better of us. However, we’ll make it to the finish line and even a draw could be important.

“Seeing Napoli win the Scudetto will be an exhilarating experience because it’s a pleasure to watch them play. The final stretch is always the hardest but we’ll enjoy the extended journey as we make it to our destination.

“Salernitana are in-form at the moment. We were a bit careless towards the end for the goal, but Boulaye Dia struck it well into the corner so it was difficult to stop.

 “After our goal, we probably needed to be braver in possession. We should have kept attacking, as our fans like us to and as we are capable of. However, in games with high emotions, it’s possible to have a lapse in concentration.

“We’re so close to our goal and we’ll bring our best qualities to the pitch. We want to be remembered for all the great things we’ve achieved this year.

“We’ll not let things slide at all now. We’ll work hard to show what we can do to everyone who supports us and to all the fans who have been incredible. They deserve our total dedication and we’ll do everything we can to achieve our dream together.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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