Luciano Spalletti expects his team to produce the goods when they host AC Milan for the return leg of their Champions League quarter-final tie n Tuesday.

"This team deserves a big performance tomorrow for everything we've done up till now,” the coach told the gathered media on the eve of the game. “It would be reward for the players, the club and the city.”

What will be different to the first leg?

"We're obviously going to be work on the small details, as we've played Milan several times in the space of a few weeks. Ever since the club decided to rebuild last summer, we started over with a clear philosophy and we've obtained great results.

"We won't change our tactical approach but we'll have to be careful of certain things because Milan are very good on the counter. Attention to detail and focused can help us get the better of them.

"We must stay tight as a unit and know when to attack and when to wait. This match and our approach will tell us how far we've come and where we are.”

What will make you happy tomorrow?

"I'll only be happy if we go through. Any other plaudits we might receive count for very little. We deserved a better result from the first leg. Tomorrow I expect us to perform as we have done for much of this season.

“I'm convinced that we can achieve our target if we play with intensity and pace, and if we use the ball as well as we're able to. We're a team that needs to play good football to get the best out of the team and individuals. That's what we'll see tomorrow.”

Have you considered that it could last more than 90 minutes?

"We've considered all eventualities, including penalties of course – as I think every team does at this stage of the Champions League.”

How important will experience be tomorrow?

"We've acquired experience as a team by playing Champions League games at famous stadiums with character. At club level, perhaps we paid a small price in the first leg for Milan's history. But we can turn any situation around if we play as well as we know we can.”

How different will Napoli be with Victor Osimhen?

"Our strength is in our squad. You can't achieve the results we've had this season and build up such a big lead if you don't have a top-quality squad. Victor helps us stretch teams and we have a certain way of playing with him in the side. He's a target man for us. But clearly it's thanks to our squad that we've done so well this season. And tomorrow, besides Osimhen, we're going to need the whole team to turn up.”

Would you say this Napoli side has already made history?

"I think so. Just being in this competition means a lot but we want to win it. We want to win tomorrow and we want to win the Champions League. We'll see how it goes. We mustn't be afraid of taking risks. If we go for it, we can achieve immense joy.”

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