Luciano Spalletti has set out his blueprint for victory ahead of Napoli's crunch clash with Juventus.

Speaking to the gathered media the day before Friday's league meeting at the Stadio Maradona, the coach explained: “We're going to have to move the ball about quickly and it's essential that we maintain our shape."

Massimiliano Allegri said the game is more important to Napoli than it is to Juventus.

“Juventus are chock-full of world-class players and they're always favourites. They can't hide away from that: they're not a club that can settle for finishing in the top four four. They set out to win the title every year.”

Allegri also said that you are the the best.

"Allegri has won so much. You can't compare my career with his. I have immense respect for his track record. I can only learn from him.”

Juventus are always a fearsome prospect in head-to-head encounters. Do you think your players might be a little afraid?

“We shouldn't be afraid of any match. Both teams have big characters who will try to impose themselves on the game. We want to win and Juve want to win – that's what makes games like this so exciting.

"We'll go into the match without listening to any of the outside talk and we'll try to put into practise the things we work on week in week out. How you play in the match should follow on logically from how you prepare for it on the training ground tactically and mentally.

"We have every chance of going out there and playing the game we set out to. Then of course, if we need to change something, we have substitutes and lots of quality players on the bench who can bring on fresh energy and ideas to alter the course the match.”

Juve have won eight games in a row without conceding any goals since October. How do you expect them to approach the game?

“Allegri encapsulates the Juve philosophy perfectly, which is winning above all else. I think it's a clash of teams with different philosophies but also different footballing cultures. For Juve, winning is all that matters; in Naples it's more heart and soul. There's a culture of beauty that's been handed down since the days of Maradona. Diego won trophies and we're trying to reproduce that same mentality.”

Which team do you think will take control of the game?

“I think Juve will let us have space to play in and we'll have to make sure we use the ball well without leaving ourselves exposed. We must get our approach right and try to score goals while keeping our shape. The key is never losing that shape, both when you're on the front foot and when your'e defending.”

“We'll try to play the football our fans enjoy. Beauty carries a lot of value and that's the style of football I prefer personally.”

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