Speaking after watching his side win 2-0 away at Sampdoria, Luciano Spalletti praised a mature Napoli display.

"I saw a mature team that managed to win a complicated match. We used our heads, remaining attentive and focused, never allowing ourselves to be distracted from the game. The result was never in doubt, even though Samp played with great intensity," he said.

"We won a game that could have become tough for us. We were able to handle every situation well. After the penalty miss we could have also suffered from a mental standpoint but instead we had the personality to remain calm and organised."

Spalletti continued: "Today we didn't have to prove anything to anyone. In Milan we could have done more but there is also an opponent to take into consideration. They were better than us and we needed more quality. Commitment is crucial in football, but you need quality to go with that.

"We're in a top-level campaign and we have nothing to prove but how good we are. As I've said, we had a tough challenge today and got a deserved win."

Commenting on Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, the coach said: "He turned in a splendid display, as far as I'm concerned. He looked for openings and tried his winding runs, but he also pressed well and was all over the field."

As for Friday's clash with Juventus, he added: "It's a very important game but not a decisive one. We haven't even finished the first half of the season yet. We're up against a big rival and we'll see how it goes."

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