Despite a 1-4 final scoreline in favour of the Azzurri, Napoli’s win away at Cremonese was far from straight forward, as coach Luciano Spalletti emphasised. “It was not an easy win by any means. Cremonese deserve to be higher up in the league than they are.

“The match was difficult right from the outset. We lost our initial lead through a deflection. Cremonese tested us but we did well to adjust to the rhythm of the game.

“Even during difficult moments, we didn’t lose our composure. We managed to play with great intensity until the end and we were deservedly rewarded for that.

“Right now, the most positive thing is that no one ever lets their determination drop on the pitch, whether they’re in the starting line-up or come on from the bench. We have our own ideas, and our intention is to make the game our own, keeping the faith right to the end.

“With this attitude from the lads, everything becomes simpler and more rewarding. Everyone is ready whether or not they play. The team are working really hard and they understand how important it is to wear this shirt.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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