Francesco Calzona shared his disappointment with his team’s performance after their 2-2 draw to Frosinone on Sunday.

“We managed the game in the wrong way. Unfortunately, I have to repeat what I’ve said in the past: we’re not showing we’re a solid team. I immediately understood that we didn’t have the right attitude to win the game and I told the lads this in the break.

“I’d also warned them that this was a game we need to open up straight away, especially because of the heat. We managed that but then we didn’t follow it up.

“We needed to do more, and above all, we should’ve got a win. We didn’t manage that. It’s very disappointing.

“We need to sense the danger. We’re always over the line of the ball when we’re not in possession and we allowed Frosinone to attack on the break.

“I’m disappointed with the goals we conceded. A team of our quality cannot be this weak. We shouldn’t have to score three goals each match to win.

“What makes me most angry is that we kept it alive even after conceding a goal, but we don’t act like a team when we’re under pressure. I felt like we never showed any solidity today.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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