Francesco Calzona was swift to praise his players while stressing there remains room for improvement in the aftermath of the 2-1 victory at home to Juventus on Sunday evening.

“I’m delighted with this win,” the boss explained. “The team showed so much desire to improve.

“We’re on the right path, but, of course, there’s so much room for improvement. It’s clear that winning certain games can send out a big message both technically and mentally.

“What reassures me the most is seeing the team well set up and sticking together. We work hard every day with the aim of improving and always giving our all.

“We expressed ourselves well out there, but in some situations, our possession was a bit lacking in intent, which is something I don’t like. We need to be more direct and decisive.

“I could see at the end of the first half that I had players on the bench who were ready to come on with desire and conviction. The lads already on the pitch were giving their all. These are indications that show us that we’re working in the right direction.

“Juventus did well to react and we did well to try to win even after their equaliser. I told the players to play calmly and show their qualities. You can’t perform miracles in ten days, so full credit to the players, who are trying to rediscover their identity.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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