Tuesday evening saw a special event in Castel di Sangro, organised by Regione Abruzzo, where fans had the opportunity to meet Gianluca Gaetano, Matteo Politano and Alessio Zerbin in Piazza del Plebiscito. The players first visited the Regione Abruzzo stand where they posed for photos with Mayor Angelo Caruso.

Gaetano, Politano and Zerbin then went on stage as Radio Kiss Kiss guests, much to the delight of many enthusiastic fans.

Here are some of the highlights of what they said:

Gaetano: “I’m so happy to be back at Napoli. It’s an indescribable feeling for me. I’m from Naples and playing for this team is a dream. I’d give everything to play in the Champions League for Napoli.

“Things are great with Spalletti. He helps the younger players a lot and he’s guiding me through, giving me confidence. I would like to stay in this group, I want to remain here, and my biggest wish is to score at the Stadio Maradona.

“I like to play as a box-to-box midfielder but I can also adapt to other roles in the middle of the park. I think I’m well-rounded enough to play in various positions.”

Politano: “I’m delighted to be here still. I’ve given my all to the coach and the club. Wearing the Napoli shirt makes me happy and I will always give everything for this team.

“We are building a competitive squad. Some big names have left but we’ve brought in some great players to replace them. The club is working really hard and I think we’re really competitive.

“We want to win. We will try to bring joy to our fans and we will always show full commitment. Napoli are building a strong side and we’ll show it at the highest level.”

Zerbin: “I want to thank everyone for the welcome I’ve received, whether that’s my team-mates or the fans. Returning to Napoli has always been my aim. I’ve dreamt of the day I would get the chance to play in the league wearing the Azzurri shirt.

“I want to thank the coach, the owners and the club for the faith they’ve shown in me. I’m working hard to secure my place here and we’ll see in the future what will be best for me and the club.

“I’d definitely like to play in a Champions League match too. Hearing that music gives me goosebumps and playing in that tournament for Napoli would be a dream come true.”

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Share the article with your friends and support the team

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