After coming away without a win, Walter Mazzari reflected on his team’s performance in Madrid on Wednesday night.

“I’m happy with our performance. At one point I thought we could score a third and take the lead after we made it 2-2.

“In general, I’m happy with the lads’ effort. We’ve also got to consider the atmosphere and the pitch we were playing on. Maybe we should’ve focused more on our defensive cover because Real Madrid are lethal on the counter.

“I can’t say much about the rest of it because we interpreted the game well and had the right mentality. We kept the match alive and made it difficult for our opponents.”

After Frank Anguissa scored, there was a group hug between the team and the bench. Another great sign for the Azzurri under Mazzari.

“Since I got here, I’ve seen an exceptional group with a positive attitude. That hug this evening is proof of that good feeling I had. We can do great things with this attitude. These lads have so many moral values.

“We played with the right attitude again. After Real Madrid took the lead, we reacted and that’s comforting to know. We played against an elite opponent and that’ll be taken into account.”

Did you plan to bring Victor Osimhen on?

“Osimhen didn’t have much playing time in him. We agreed with the doctors that he could play half an hour. We decided to play him for a full half so he could get recover for the match against Inter. We didn’t want to force it because he’s coming back from injury and he’s got to get back to top condition gradually.”

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