The Azzurri travel to Milan on Sunday in what promises to be an exciting top-of-the-table clash and it will be Maurizio Mariani to take on the refereeing duties at San Siro.

He’ll be joined by assistants Fabiano Preti and Alessio Berti, fourth official Federico Dionisi and VARs Massimiliano Irrati and Alessandro Giallatini.

Here is Napoli’s record when Mariani has been at the helm:

DateRefereeTeamOpponentHome/AwayNapoli goalsOpposition goals
26/10/2016Maurizio MarianiNapoliEmpoliH20
12/03/2017Maurizio MarianiNapoliCrotoneH30
23/09/2017Maurizio MarianiNapoliSPALA32
29/12/2017Maurizio MarianiNapoliCrotoneA10
20/10/2018Maurizio MarianiNapoliUdineseA30
07/12/2019Maurizio MarianiNapoliUdineseA11
26/01/2020Maurizio MarianiNapoliJuventusH21
29/02/2020Maurizio MarianiNapoliTorinoH21
08/07/2020Maurizio MarianiNapoliGenoaA21
20/09/2020Maurizio MarianiNapoliParmaA20
01/11/2020Maurizio MarianiNapoliSassuoloH02
06/01/2021Maurizio MarianiNapoliSpeziaH12
07/04/2021Maurizio MarianiNapoliJuventusA12
04/12/2021Maurizio MarianiNapoliAtalantaH23
06/02/2022Maurizio MarianiNapoliVeneziaA20
10/04/2022Maurizio MarianiNapoliFiorentinaH23

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