Matteo Politano has underlined Napoli's desire to immediately return to winning ways when they host Atalanta at the Maradona on Saturday.

"Since Monday we've been working full on in training for our next game because we want to bounce straight back in the league,” the Italy man said to Radio Kiss Kiss two days before the clash with Gian Piero Gasperini's side.

"We know it's going to be difficult. Atalanta are a very physical side who attack space aggressively and are strong in one v ones. They deserve our full respect but we know that if we produce a real Napoli performance we can get the result we all want.

"We didn't deserve to lose against Lazio. They changed their game and sat back but we could have equalised at least. You can have an off day in football but we have the strength and the confidence to bounce right back. We're ready for our upcoming games.”

Did you expect Napoli to have a season like this?

"It wasn't something we expected but from the start we realised we had a solid, quality group. The new guys clearly had technical ability and personal qualities to go with it. They're great lads who have brought so much to the squad we already had.

"I felt sure we'd have a great campaign because you could see the strength and the potential we had in pre-season. Things never go the way you think in football but we've done a great job of displaying our ambition on the pitch."

What's it like playing in the Champions League?

"It's a competition that makes your spine tingle. We want to reach the quarter-finals as it would be a historic achievement for the club, but now we're only thinking of Saturday. We must give everything against Atalanta, then we'll worry about Eintracht.”

Do you talk about the 'S' word in the dressing room?

“That's what we're working towards and we think about it of course. We know we've gone a long way towards making it happen. Now we must keep pursuing it resolutely.

"The boss keeps us on our toes. He motivates us to give our all in training and make sure we maintain the same intensity and quality in the second half of the season as we've showed up to this point.

"We can sense the atmosphere around us. Naples is a wonderful, passionate city and we know that winning the Scudetto here would be special and unique. We want to repay Neapolitans for their love and make the dream come true. We must give our heart and soul so that we can celebrate together.”

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