Luciano Spalletti has reiterated his confidence in his team going into Saturday's match against Atalanta, following last week's defeat to Lazio.

“There was nothing wrong with our attitude or performance against Lazio so we don't need a 'response' as such but we will need to do better if we want to beat Atalanta,” the coach stressed.

"You always expect a huge battle against Atalanta and we know we have to earn good results. They're a fantastic team with an excellent coach who has been producing incredible football and financial results for years now."

How do Lazio and Atalanta differ in tactical terms?

“Lazio play packed together in a tiny patch of the field and defend as a tight unit, then drop off or play the ball forward. Atalanta are in your faces. You can find space between players but not on the flanks. We'll need to be strong in the one on ones and great intensity.

"They've been playing a certain style of football for years that has brought them results. We'll need to play at a very high tempo with tremendous quality to make the game go the way we want it.”

You have Serie A and the Champions League in the next week. Will March be decisive?

"You're always thinking long term but we do things differently. Future games are of no interest to us now. The only one that matters is tomorrow's. We have to take each game as it comes. We don't rank matches in order of importance; they're all just as important.

“We're fully focused on Atalanta because they're a great team and we want to win this match. Victory is the only option open to us, always.”

Will you rotate the team with Wednesday's game against Eintracht in mind?

"I think about each game in turn, starting with the first one and then looking at what comes afterwards. I'm getting super vibes from the squad. Our legs are firing and everyone is fit. I have no selection worries.”

When will you be able to think you have your hands on the Scudetto?

“That will be possible when no other team can catch us. We have lots of big matches to play because Italian football has shown how good it is – with respect to European football too.

“We didn't make mistakes or play badly against Lazio but we still lost. I watch and rewatch the matches we play and I can tell you we did things the right way. It was decided by fine margins, as often happens in football.

“We'll need to do even better tomorrow because we have to find a way through a tough encounter. We want three points and we're proud to be playing in front of our fans.

"My players don't need motivating because they know what it means to play for this club and this city. You only have to think about the history and the passion of Neapolitan fans to obtain all the focus and motivation you need.”

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